The Following are typical questions & answers:
Is this an "off the shelf" costume? 
Many costume places have a catalog and you can choose from poor quality, generic designs and hope for the best.  Each of our costumes are unique and hand-made with the highest quality craftsmanship.

What does a costume cost to make? 
Each costume has a unique set of requirements, therefore we work on a project by project basis.  Submit your ideas to us and we will come up with a custom quote for you!

What if 2 people wear the costume, but the people are different sizes?
This is a common request.  We ergonomically design each costume to fit the performer and the purpose.  We can design a system in the costume to allow multiple sizes and allow for adjustment based on the person wearing it. Be sure to include that in your request.

Red E. Fox 911 For Kids

How do I know what material to use?
There are many types of materials able to be used.  For the most part we use a closed cell foam, however it is contingent on the project requirements.  We are experts in all fabrication materials.

Some costumes are meant for minimal walking around, whereas others are built for athletes to perform stunts, as in the professional sports mascots.  Share with us your designs & how you will use the costume.  We will help determine the best balance of lightweight and durability! 

How do I store my costume?
It is very important to care for your costume.  Make sure that it is well protected from the elements.  Avoid moisture and extreme heat and cold.  Do not keep it folded or bunched up as it could damage the structure.  We offer storage services and can have your costume shipped to you wherever & whenever you need it.
What do I need prepared for a quote?
It is helpful to have a four sided drawing of your character and a description of how the costume will be used.  However, if you are not sure, give us a call!  We can help you design a character from scratch and make sure it works under your specific circumstances.  Click on the "Get Started..." link above for more info.
What happens if my costume gets damaged?
We use only the best materials and expertise to build our costumes, but just like clothes, costumes are effected by wear & tear.  We offer repair kits custom to a particular costume and some types of repairs can be done by the clients.  We offer emergency repair services to make sure our clients have it back as soon as possible!  Our success rate for 20 years is unmatched!
What happens if my costume gets dirty?
Costumes can be made worse or ruined by the wrong cleaning products!  We recommend our professional cleaning service to ensure your investment looks great and lasts long!

If you have additional questions, feel free to call or email us!


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